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this painting is maybe 12 or 15 inches wide. it is made of acrylic paint and latex in on heavy art paper.  you can buy it here:  04_2017_073-moon/ the price includes packaging, handling and shipping. we are on the road ...

some son

another story that begins and ends in the river water.  buy the painting:  04_2017_066


various gangs apply leverage according the culture and the needs of the situation at hand.  buy this painting:  04_2017_062


this set of four small paintings can be bought:  04_2017_002


more curiosity about electricity and hunger.  buy it here: 04_2017_022


the residue is whey, squeezed from the solids.  buy it here:  04_2017_037


perhaps this is the natural state that precedes a murder spree.  are there any psychological historians out there?  but this painting here:  04_2017_076

art_04_2017_004 – volts

set of four small paintings.  get them here: 04_2017_003

12v (on)

set of four small paintings for sale here:  04_2017_003


set of four small paintings:  you can buy them here : 04_2017_006
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