Daily Archives: June 3, 2017


    most of the time i say something like, “probably.”  i really do. buy this set here:04_2017_130-set-probably/  


    a bigger pig makes bigger pork.  eat it if you have to.  so you’ll live. this set is for sale here:04_2017_131-pork/


  spine is the thing that connects, erects. that’s pretty obvious, ain’t it? hey. why not buy this set?  /product/630/ ‎


  two parts, in the middle: a bridge.  i’ve been on both sides, using the bridge, always. get these drawings here:art_04_2017_141-bridge/

you gone need the witness

your word might not be enough in this trial.  you gone need the witness. this is a set of two small paintings about three or five inches wide. it is made of acrylic paint and latex ink on bristol or art ...


    i’m not totally clear as to what fashion is.   hats have not made a solid comeback as far as i know.  i mean, hats are mostly for fringe sad-daddys. buy this set here: art_04_2017_132-set/

work exceeds

nights when i am at event horizon, an exhausted body containing a hot machine.  i have thought, “when work exceeds!” get ’em here: art_04_2017_016: work-exceeds/  

i’m car

the critter runs at the tires.  i’m car, is maybe what he’s thinking if he’s thinking anything at all. buy it here:  04-2017_146-set-im-car/ the price includes packaging, handling and shipping in the U.S.A. we are on the road full-time, so ...


      the maximum of my capacity?  shit. buy this set here: 04-2017_139-set-shit/

boom, boom, boom

i’ve never seen a war (in person)  but on tv and in the movie theater they make booming sounds, the speakers shaking my furniture and food. this set is for sale: 04-2017_133-drawing-set