Daily Archives: May 28, 2017


live forever.  buy a painting right here:  04_2017_039

specialized food species

as species become more specialized, the food required  to nourish will have to evolve.  buy this painting here: 04_2017_050


you can shoot wildly or you can shoot once.  either way, you can buy this painting here: 04_2017_033


i’m not sure how to use maps.  buy it here: 04_2017_036-maps/


sometime you don’t survive a night on the town?  get it here:  04_2017_038/

i’m doing it right now

buy this painting right here:  im-doing-it-right-now/  

official suffering

suffering is made official via monument construction.  buy it here: 04_2017_035/  


this painting is for sale:  you can buy it here: 04_2017_095x/

art_04_2017_009A – SET of 2

two small paintings:  04_2017_009a/

only you know

only you know.  buy it now:  art_04_2017_096/
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