Daily Archives: June 3, 2017

toe nail

  when i become educated, i’ll look at the words “toe nail” to make sure they’re spelled properly.  to know “toe nail” is great. buy this drawing set:  04_2017_122-set-toe-nail/

24 drawings: bone man

when he became a professional, he said something stupid. judge for yourself, though. this is a set of 24 drawings, each about 4 inches wide. buy this set here: 04_2017_114-bone-man/

bit of mind

the engine is a bit of mind, expanding . there are questions, energy created by answers like two magnetic poles. these paintings can be purchased here:  set-bit-of-mind/

what are the odds?

    there was this guy who filled his pants up with knives. he was cut. this set is for sale here: 04_2017_134-odds/


math is hard  because i am deaf to numbers. want this set?  het it here: 04_2017_137_math/  

an auto idea, an auto.

  something happens by itself.  i call this auto. you can get these drawings here: 04_2017_135-set-auto/

options, limits

      do your options always behave like options?  is maybe the optics. get ’em here: art_04_2017_125-set/  

engine FIXED

along the road you might need to get your engine fixed. this set is for sale here:art_04_2017_155:engine/

say goodbye

    like it or not, say goodbye.   i’ve done it before.  i’m not very good at it. get it here: art_04_2017_154-set-say-goodbye/  

i’m tired of gravity

every day my resistance diminishes but the force remains constant. if there is an irony here, i’m missing it. get it here: art_04_2017_158-set/