volts or amps

there are new ways to measure but i prefer volts or amps.  buy it here:  04_2017_054/

tapes, records, computers

this is somehow related to magnets or iron oxides.  the painting is here:  04_2017_051/


live forever.  buy a painting right here:  04_2017_039

specialized food species

as species become more specialized, the food required  to nourish will have to evolve.  buy this painting ...


you can shoot wildly or you can shoot once.  either way, you can buy this painting ...


i’m not sure how to use maps.  buy it here: 04_2017_036-maps/


sometime you don’t survive a night on the town?  get it here:  04_2017_038/

i’m doing it right now

buy this painting right here:  im-doing-it-right-now/  

official suffering

suffering is made official via monument construction.  buy it here: 04_2017_035/  


this painting is for sale:  you can buy it here: 04_2017_095x/