art_04_2017_010A – 2 SET

i’m not an evolution.  i’m. buy it here: 04_2017_010a/

art_04_2017_010B – 2 set

this set of two small paintings are for sale here:  04_2017_010b-2-set/

art_04_2017_040-044 – 4 set

set of for small paintings:  04_2017_040-044-4-set/

art_04_2017_009B – SET

want it?  buy it here: 04_2017_009b-set/

eat a manifesto

this painting is maybe 13 or 16 inches wide. it is made of acrylic paint and ...

the neighborhood is not relaxed, yet

the way along my bed is illuminated by my sleepy blinks:    to provide security, i ...

art_04_2017_068 – sold

THIS IS SOLD this painting is maybe 12 or 15 inches wide. it is made of ...

new creatures!

you gotta keep an eye on the new creature.  they get hungry. 04_2017_056/ ‎


wanna buy this?  it is about 14 inches wide, maybe less. this is acrylic paint and ...