more curiosity about electricity and hunger.  buy it here: 04_2017_022


the residue is whey, squeezed from the solids.  buy it here:  04_2017_037


perhaps this is the natural state that precedes a murder spree.  are there any psychological historians ...

art_04_2017_004 – volts

set of four small paintings.  get them here: 04_2017_003

12v (on)

set of four small paintings for sale here:  04_2017_003


set of four small paintings:  you can buy them here : 04_2017_006

aversion and connection

aversion is also maybe an attraction. does that sound right? buy it here:  04_2017_070


if you call the police, be prepared for the worst.  buy it here:  04_2017_064

volts or amps

there are new ways to measure but i prefer volts or amps.  buy it here:  04_2017_054/

tapes, records, computers

this is somehow related to magnets or iron oxides.  the painting is here:  04_2017_051/