deprivation comics SET: 13/14/15 – STOMACH MEN!

This is a set of three comics from the Deprivation series, editions 13, 14, 15.  Each set illustrates different narrations of biology and art, including vicious tribal evolution, abstract development and decline of reproduction.

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DEP-13, “Stomach Men”

Some critters digest plants and animal tissue.  The seeds are ejected to bring together DNA and other materials.  Each cell has some instruction to create necks or knees or elbows or eyes.

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DEP-14, “Femur”

The phases of reproduction are illustrated in vivid detail. What is missing from most reports is the comic humiliation that is part and parcel of propagation.   In some cases, the failing species adopts disguises and personas in order to send it’s cultural material in to the future, even if it is sublimated through the lore idiom of a more successful, dominant animal.

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DEP-15, “Inevitable Events”

Leisure cultures fail to agree on symbols.  A gun is not a gun.  The crop is not a crop.  A loom makes no noise. Because common experiences are disputed – for tribal advantage or sabotage – fabric dissolves.   Every loaf of bread is a wild math.   You can sit in a cave looking at the last bit of burning branch.

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